Cordyceps Sinensis


  • Cordyceps is an important protein that stimulates sexual performance for both men and women, which is also known as the "Viagra of the Himalayas”.
  • Cordycepin helps balance the body, balance sex hormones, help reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, tantrums, vaginal dryness.
  • Cordycepin in Cordyceps fights viruses and bacteria.
  • Reduce blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes and lower cholesterol.
  • Helps liver function in detox Improves kidney function.
  • Anti-fatigue & enhance body performance.
  • Cordyceps Sinesis strain stimulates the activity of killer cell white blood (NK Cell) to fight the virus.
  • Polysaccharides in Cordyceps Stimulates immunity to quickly get rid of foreign bodies.

Panax Ginseng


  • Ginseng extract can reduce fat accumulation in the walls of blood vessels. Prevents embolism and clotting, which can lead to ischemic heart disease.
  • Ginseng extract causes thickening of blood vessels and reduced fat accumulation, which is thickening veins.
  • Ginseng extract helps the endocrine system to function perfectly. Helps balance hormones.

Lycium Chinense Mill (Chinese Wolfberry)

  • Lycium Chinense Mill helps keep blood sugar and insulin in a state of equilibrium.
  • Lycium Chinense Mill helps nourish the liver, which is linked to better eye function.

  • Lycium Chinense Mill helps the reproductive system, improves sexual performance.

Ganoderma Lucidum

  • Ganoderma Lucidum helps keep blood sugar at normal levels.
  • Ganoderma Lucidum helps inhibit platelet clumping.
  • Ganoderma Lucidum helps nourish the liver and has an immunostimulating effect.

lentinus edodes (shitake mushroom)


  • Shiitake mushrooms help lower cholesterol levels. stabilize blood pressure;
  • Shiitake mushrooms help to nourish energy, increase blood circulation, nourish bones.
  • Shiitake mushrooms help relieve urinary incontinence.
  • Shiitake mushroom In normal people who work hard, this mushroom will help strengthen immunity and strengthen the body. No fatigue.

Isolated Soy Protein


  • Isolated Soy Protein helps to create freshness and rejuvenation.
  • Isolated Soy Protein lowers cholesterol. strengthens the immune system.

Boesenbergia Rotunda Powder (kra-chai-dum)


  • Kra-Chai-Dum nourishes testosterone, improves sexual performance, nourishes male sexual performance, stimulates nerves, rejuvenates, nourishes energy.
  • Kra-Chai-Dum is an elixir, slows down aging, expels carmination, diuretic. Cure stomach ailments, help digestion, flatulence, stomach due to lack of time to eat.
  • Kra-Chai-Dum helps nourish women's blood, cure vaginal discharge, normalize menstruation, helps balance sex hormones.