How it Works


Enzymes are like things that are the spark of life in the body. This means that if our body does not have enzymes, the body will not be able to digest food and absorb nutrients to nourish the various parts. of the body and finally died Therefore, enzymes are catalysts for chemical reactions or specific catalysts, which work together with coenzymes. Coenzymes in this case are vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. And vitamins and minerals cannot be activated without working with enzymes.

The function of enzymes

The main function of enzymes is to aid in digestion. The enzyme functions as a catalyst for complete digestion of food, allowing our body to receive quality nutrients that can then be used. If the digestive juices are not good, no matter how beneficial the food is, it will not be of any benefit. with the whole body In addition, enzymes are also responsible for helping to strengthen the immune system. Helps build protein in muscles Helps muscles contract, breaks down toxins, and purifies the blood. Helps remove carbon dioxide from the lungs And helps reduce stress on the pancreas and other organs within the body.

Enzymes can be divided into 3 types

1.) Food enzymes are enzymes found in fresh food. All types of raw food If it comes from a plant, we call it Enzymes from plants (Plant Enzyme) but if they come from animals We will call it Animal Enzymes: Heat-treated food easily destroys the enzymes in the food. This type of enzyme helps in digesting the food we eat.

2.) Digestive enzyme are enzymes produced by the body. It is mostly produced from the pancreas. To be used to digest food and absorb the nutrients we eat. Makes the body receive valuable nutrients.

3.) Metabolic enzyme are enzymes produced in the blood, in cells, tissues, and internal organs of the body. They are responsible for accelerating chemical reactions to help with metabolism. Nutrients and energy build immunity growth for the body Including helping to repair worn out parts of internal organs. and helps treat and cure various ailments of the body.


Benefits of enzymes

1.) Enzymes are important and necessary for living things. This is because most chemical reactions in cells occur very slowly. Without enzymes, the products of the reaction could turn into other chemicals. If there is a lack of enzymes, it will cause the cell's functioning system to be abnormal. Such as mutation, absence, underproduction. overproduction, etc.

2.) Enzymes play an important role in creating humans from conception in the mother's womb. From a single fertilized egg, the cell grows to 60 trillion cells. and later also serves to repair worn parts It performs the function of digesting food to obtain nutrients. Helps eliminate waste in the body By accelerating chemical reactions to destroy foreign substances. Therefore helping to make the blood clean.

3.) Enzymes are essential for every chemical reaction in the body. All 60 trillion cells require enzymes to speed up chemical reactions. Without enzymes we would not be able to survive.

4.) Although vitamins, minerals, proteins, hormones, and other nutrients are essential to life and health, But only by enzymes that make various substances can work according to its properties Because without enzymes, everything cannot react at all. Until someone said, “Enzymes are life energy.” If the enzyme level in the body drops to a certain level, It will cause the internal systems of the body to not work and life will stop immediately. Enzymes are therefore the creators of cells, the body, organs, and life.

5.) If in the body there are complete and sufficient enzymes Humans may live up to 120 years because cells in the body can divide according to the biological clock program.

6.) If there is no enzyme as a catalyst Chemical reactions can still occur naturally but not in time for life. Because the results of the reaction occur very slowly, for example, if the body wants to have a chemical reaction with sugar to create energy to build immunity against germs that attack the body. If the reaction is carried out normally without enzymes as a helper It would probably generate energy as well. But until the reaction is complete It may take longer than 3 months for the body to receive energy to fight germs. If this is the case Germs will kill us before any more immune energy can be generated. But if we have complete enzymes Energy and immunity will occur very quickly in just 1 minute after the germ disease enters the body, etc.

7.) Certain enzymes It promotes heart function, etc. Each type of enzyme has different functions.

8.) If the body has complete enzymes It will help solve the problem of abnormal functioning of various organ systems within the body, such as the gastrointestinal system (gastroenteritis, constipation, indigestion, stomach and intestinal cancer, nephritis, kidney failure, liver disease, prostate), vascular system and Heart (heart disease, high blood pressure High blood fat), respiratory system and immune system (sinus, allergies, bronchitis, lung disease, influenza, measles), skin system (skin care Cure ringworm, acne, blemishes, dark spots, dermatitis, fresh wounds, burns, scalds, mouth ulcers, psoriasis), musculoskeletal system (muscle inflammation, paralysis, paraplegia, polio Body aches, osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, gout), endocrine system (diabetes, thyroiditis), blood-forming system (leukemia, anemia), reproductive system (sexual dysfunction menstrual irregularities)

What does Topten do?

Because our body is faced with the problem of pollution, toxicity, stress, the rush of living in the present, as well as the deterioration of the body and the absorption system cannot absorb food well. As we begin to age. This makes the body unable to take the nutrients that we eat. And this is a problem for mankind today because we are aware of the introduction of nutrients into cells. Therefore, innovations from enzymes are combined with valuable herbal estrus to maximize the benefits for the body at the cellular level.


Topten We have used good strains of microorganisms that are beneficial to the body. To extract small molecule-sized substances in the form of metabolic enzymes from valuable herbs that can be used at the cellular level without having to undergo complex digestion processes in different parts of the body.

From Topten's production innovation, herbs and natural extracts in Topten are absorbed into the body to mimic the shape of cells and directly repair only weak cells, causing no residue in the body and nutrients can remain in the body many times longer than general nutrients. This allows the body to take these nutrients and herbs directly into the cells and use them to their full potential.

Topten has a structure similar to the complexes, which makes it stand out from other brands as follows:


Based on the above prominence, Topten can act quickly within 60 minutes and last for more than 2-3 days in the body of the eater.